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Sunday, July 15, 2018

We have been buying from Amazon for a while now. I just so much as mention a "need" to my other half and poof, 2 days later, it's on my door step. I think he has figured out that when I go to the store for 1 thing, I come back with several... he caught on to me a long time ago. 
These are just a few things that we use daily. This isn't a sponsored post, just a mom wanting to share what works for us! I am not even sure these things will be included in the "Prime Day" sales, but if they are, they will be worth it!

1. Nalgene Tritan 12oz Grip-N-Gulp BPA-Free Water Bottle

I had my fair share of "sippy cups" with Peyton. I have owned at least 10 different brands, Some with straws, some with cute characters promising not to spill. But every single time, we either lose all the pieces or I lose my mind because of spills. This cup has been the best purchase. It has never leaked and I love that it is BPA free and super durable. .and believe me, my child has tested it pretty well.

2. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Watermelon Party

I purchased these about 2 years ago and they are still in great condition. They really do keep things cold for a very long time. Just fold it up and store them in the freezer between each use. I never have to worry about yogurt or cheese going bad when outside of a fridge. There are several designs to choose from! 

3.  Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7" Display, 16 GB, Pink Kid-Proof Case

This tablet comes loaded with games, apps and activities for kids. We love the kid proof case that is included. We have had this tablet for over a year now and have never needed to replace it. We created profiles for ourselves so we could use the internet as well. It's very lightweight and I love how colorful it is...easy to spot. Check out the specifics on Amazon, there's just so much to list!

4.  Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

Before I had kids, I never knew how much I would need a good baby monitor. This thing makes naptime and nighttime a breeze. Peyton normally sleeps pretty well, but she will occasionally have these weird episodes at night. We just press a button and talk to her though the monitor. Here's how it goes...
Peyton: (Crying at 2 am)
Me: What's wrong Peyton?
Peyton: I'm cold!!!!
Me: Cover yourself with your blanket
Peyton: Okayyyyy (covers self and nods off.)

It also pans around the room, can toggle between 2 separate cameras, has night vision and tells you the current room temperature. 

5. Chicco BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller, Zinc

I absolutely love this thing! 
I already had the chicco carseat for Peyton, so buying this stroller was a no brainer. It fits both kids and has extra storage at the bottom. It actually folds up smaller than our first stroller. Peyton has the option to sit and be buckled in or stand and play with Charlotte. It certainly makes taking these babies anywhere a breeze. Whether it is grocery runs or vacation, this stroller goes with us everywhere.

We have these cameras in both our vehicles. I was involved in an accident a few years ago. At first the driver denied any wrong doing, but when we produced dash cam footage, it spoke for itself. These dash cameras saved us the headache of a he said/she said scenario...and our pocket books from almost $7k in damages. Highly recommend them!

During my pregnancy, I was worried about mosquito bites. #zika. Mosquitos here are awful. This contraption attracts them into the blue light and then sucks them down to the bottom where they eventually just die. It's helpful during an outdoor gathering but we mostly use it in the garage or where our dog Penny lays when she's outside. It's compact size is perfect and not too noticeable. It is also super quiet so you don't even know it's there. 
                                                                                                                                             *images are from Amazon

Day at the Zoo

Friday, June 22, 2018

Fridays are always family days for us. We had been planning a trip to the Houston Zoo for some time and were sure the girls would love it. This past week, Charlotte had been under the weather so my mother in law (she's so wonderful, I thank God for that woman) said she would keep her while we took Peyton. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was great getting to focus on just Peyton for a little while.

Before having Charlotte, I wondered how Peyton's and my relationship might be affected. For the past 3 years, it had just been the 3 of us. How would the dynamic change? In the beginning it was a little rough. Balancing nighttime routines was probably the hardest. Charlotte demanded a lot of attention as a newborn. Peyton didn't understand it right away. There were nights where she would cry for me to read her a book and spend time with her before bed. But Charlotte needed to be fed and rocked to sleep. Let me tell you, as a mom, guilt will try to creep in and make you feel like you're failing your child.

Fast forward to Charlotte being almost 5 months old and we have gotten the hang of things. Peyton has grown so much and her perspective on things have changed. All this time she has been watching me be 'mama' to Charlotte and that has made her more aware of others around her. Today, she asked me if I was drinking enough water and had genuine concern that we all hadn't "had lunch yet" when she saw others eating. It's as if a miniature adult had popped up right before my eyes.

 Watching her excitement enjoying the splash pad reminded me that she is just a 3 year old who needs to know she is still loved and cherished. Don't we all need that from time to time?

Coolest destinations in small town Texas

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Old Main Street Bakery

Summertime means family time! My fondest memories growing up were of small trips around Texas and visiting antique shops and small eateries. I still love it to this day! The charm and atmosphere can really make you feel like you're in a different place even though you're just miles from home. Richmond and Rosenberg Texas, 30 miles just southwest of Houston, have some really great places to visit. You can't tell where one city ends and the other begins, which is a great thing! Both city's "downtown" districts are where the best shops/restaurants live.

Richmond, Texas

Trough Juice Bar
107 S 3rd St.
Richmond TX

This place has the cutest atmosphere! The food and drinks are so fresh and light, mostly juices, smoothies and salads. Indoor and outdoor tables provide the cutest spot for breakfast or lunch. My favorite is the "Pink Pearl." A strawberry/banana smoothie with granola topping. I love the story behind this establishment....go check it out on their website.

"Pink Pearl" smoothie

Chipotle Cobb Salad- So good!

Joseph's Coffee Shop
202 Morton St.
Richmond TX 77469

 We visited recently and were delighted to find a neat coffee shop that served really great drinks and smoothies. There is so much history! Check out their website for all the details on their story as well.

Baby Charlotte needed lunch too

Enjoying a smoothie and banana nut muffin

Rosenberg, Texas

The Old Main Street Bakery
808 3rd St.
Rosenberg TX 77471

This place has the best Kolaches! I stop in from time to time to buy a dozen for Peyton's teachers at school or my job. Everyone always asks when I am bringing them again! My favorite kolache is the cream cheese...but I never get a picture of it, because I eat it so quick! They also sell various breads, muffins and cookies. They are closed on Monday's and close early on the weekends. Check out their website for times.

Cherry Kolache

Another Time Soda Fountain
800 3rd St. 
Rosenberg TX 77471

My one picture does not do this place justice! It is surrounded by antique/boutique shopping and is perfect for families or a girl's lunch date. They have a phenomenal menu with sandwiches, burgers, ice cream and more. Every time we go, we try something different and are always happy with our choice.
Vanilla Milkshake

Ol' Railroad Cafe
1901 Avenue G
Rosenberg Tx 77471

The Ol Railroad Cafe is truly unique. Located in Downtown Rosenberg, the ambiance makes you feel like you're in another town elsewhere. The vibe reminded me a lot of being in Charleston, South Carolina. That old southern charm feel. We loved the nice wooden tables with high back wooden chairs. The restaurant is on the smaller side, but we had a comfortable dining experience. They are certainly able to accommodate a party of 10 easily. We visited on a Friday for lunch and they were quite busy, but we did not have to wait to be seated. Their peach tea is really refreshing and their portions are quite large. We will be back soon!

Cali Club- I had already eaten half...large enough to share!

Becoming mom, again.

Thursday, May 31, 2018
With my first daughter Peyton, I freaked out about everything from daycare to sleep. The truth is that with your first child you just don’t know know what to expect...it's a brand new experience. With Charlotte, things are a little more smoother.

I lost sleep every night waiting for her grunts to turn into cries.
With my second, I allowed things to just be. When Charlotte makes noise, I knew from experience with Peyton that eventually she’ll just go back to sleep. Sometimes babies just make noises, with my girls, it’s usually just them trying to pass gas or rustling in their swaddle. That still doesn't stop me from checking her baby monitor though, I just don't run to the crib and scoop her up like I did before.

I didn’t send her to daycare until she was 1.
We hired a caregiver to watch Peyton at home. With Charlotte, she was in daycare at 3 months. 
Day-cares are also not quiet facilities, which means Charlotte has to nap despite noise.When we are home,  Peyton can understand quiet for about 5 mins then it’s back to singing loudly and rummaging through her toy box. Charlotte has to adapt to noise and that's a very good thing!

Fevers were super scary
With Peyton, any little fever she spiked I would be at the pediatrician's office. Sometimes that meant sitting with super sick children with green boogers and snot hanging down their face. Meanwhile Peyton was calm, eating and drinking okay and certainly not in any distress. But she had a fever and I was so worried! 

And don’t get me wrong, fevers are still concerning, but they aren’t bad! When Charlotte’s temperature registered at 100.3 at 11 weeks I called her pedi right away. They had me monitor her at home to see if it rose. She had no symptoms at all. No cough, she was drinking every oz in her bottle and even sleeping well. After a few hours, the temperature started falling and I felt very relieved. Her body was simply fighting off something (I’ll never know what is was).

By the second or even third child, you won’t sweat the small things... you’ll be happy just to see everyone alive and well. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. 

Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend was spent with family and enjoying the slip and slide.

Lifestyle Photos

I have always wanted to do a lifestyle photo session, I waited until Charlotte was about 2 months old. I'm so glad we did, by this time, the girls had already formed a bond and we were getting some much needed sleep. 
Image credit: Don't Blink Photography

Mini Getaway- Lakeway

We recently took a trip to Lakeway, TX, about 30 minutes outside of Austin. Every year for my birthday, we have gone somewhere to celebrate and although I was a little anxious about taking our 3 month old, it went surprisingly well . We stayed at a Resort called Lakeway Resort and Spa and literally booked it the week of. It is the perfect spot for families, because there is so much to do. There are three pools, (Including a separate adult pool with swim up bar), a kids play area called Kid Zone and a restaurant, all overlooking Lake Travis.
 After we arrived, we wanted to check out the pools. The kids pool was perfect for my 3 year old because of it's 'beach like' entrance and waterslide.  Afterward, we headed to dinner at the resorts restaurant which was right next door. Dinner was a little pricey, but after our 3 hour car ride there, I was willing to pay for the convenience.
The resort sits on a lake which we were able to view from our room. Although we did not purchase a balcony room, the view was still incredible. They had a roll away bed ready for Peyton to sleep in which was great.
The next day, we had breakfast in town at a restaurant called Cafe Lago. It is a MUST! It was a small place, but the food was amazing, I had the omelet. Peyton asked our server for a "teddy bear" breakfast and out came a pancake shaped like a bear. Truly a wonderful experience. I purchased an iced coffee to go and didn't regret it! 
We headed back to the resort and decided to check out Kidzone, an area with moonwalks, putt putt, basketball, movies and more. Peyton had a blast there, and after a few hours we headed back to the pool for more fun. We also ordered lunch poolside, once again, really good (and so convenient!) 
The resort is a little older, the rooms are a little small but everything was clean and the beds were extremely comfortable. We all slept well with no complaints. There are mini fridges and a keurig in each room, but no microwaves. 
I wondered how Charlotte would fare with the vacation. Would she get fussy? Hate the car ride? Be miserable? She was actually the calmest baby and I attribute that to our attitude going into the vacation. I wanted her to be comfortable and not feel out of her element. I think the key to that was not having a set itinerary and really just winging it! Also, having to leave the resort and pack her into a hot car would have made all of us miserable.
Happy baby, happy mom! We certainly enjoyed our stay and would definitely return. Kids don't have many expectations, if mom and dad are having fun, they most likely will as well. I see lots more trips for us in the future! 
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What we love from Amazon

We have been buying from Amazon for a while now. I just so much as mention a "need" to my other half and poof, 2 days later,...

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